February 13, 2016

♥ Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

From Mad About Molds!
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You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.

This Valentine's Day, we invite you to hold these sagelike words close to your heart, no matter where you are or who you're alongside. It is a time for love, yes, but it's also a time for reflection. Remember that, even if you're alone, you can be your own classy and frugal Valentine.

February is such a sweet month. It’s full of romantic hearts and flowers, so why not let it inspire you to create a little love for you and your friends and family. Our molds can be used for decorating cakes, cards or gorgeous jewelry. Kids find our molds fun too, so let them join in.

Be well, and you'll hear from us again very soon.
Don’t you just love new ideas? 
Many of you may already own these molds, so these new projects may inspire you to get them out again. If not, we are including the mold numbers below for you to add them to your collection. Shown is just a random selection of castings that we had on hand in our office, but we painted them all in the same four colors to create a Valentine’s theme. (Hot Pink, Chocolate... Brown,
Creamand Green) The end result is a collection that would be suitable for all kinds of projects such as candies, cupcake-toppers, party favors, Valentine embellishments and much more! Let us know if you come up with any ideas that could be used on our website. We would love to see them!

Molds - 038, 153, 360, 608 & 896.

We have 1,000 Clay Molds to choose from. Enjoy making your own Jewelry, Cards, Altered Books, or Embellishing your Scrapbook pages and MUCH more! Items created from these handmade clay molds work perfect, as your finished piece will have a flat back, perfect for attaching to anything! Dozens of highly detailed impressions can be made in minutes. This simple process allows even novice crafters to create pieces that look like they took hours to make. Many
one-of-a-kind molds that cant befound anywhere else! We have a huge assortment, so there's something for everyone.
Everything’s coming up Roses at Mad About Molds!
Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the rose’s right? We make it easy for you to pick them. Shown below is our favorite rose molds for you to choose from. June is a big month for roses, as they are perfect for wedding and graduation decorations, embellishments, cake and candy forms and much more. We want you to come to us for all your molding needs!
at www.MadAboutMolds.com.
Oh… Cameos! They are everywhere!
They are both classic and traditional, and people love them.

• Tips for using cameo molds
• Samples of cameo molds
• Shop for cameo molds

We have
allot more information on making cameos on our websitehere

I hope this helps you out. Cameos do take practice, but they are worth it in the end!

Find the following molds at...
What is the most durable, compatible glaze that won't turn sticky on the clay?
Polymer clay doesn't react well with most finishes that are petroleum based. Water-based varnishes cause no interaction with the clay. There are two spray brands that will work on polymer clay, too. They are Carnival Arts Ultraglaze and Krylon's Matte Spray Coating. Both need to be sprayed on in a very light single coat. Even some nail polishes stay sticky on polymer clay, so always test before you coat a finished piece of clay work.

Polyform bottles an acrylic glaze in two finishes (Gloss and Satin) that is compatible with all polymer clays. Do not apply too thickly, however, as it can peel. Thin slightly with water. Apply 2-3 thin coats rather than one thick one. Do not use most spray glazes as they can ultimately turn sticky due to
interaction between the propellant and the clay. Blair brand Spray Glaze is compatible if used thinly. Flecto Varathan is the best glaze by a consensus vote among polymer clay artists. The name brand is "Varathane Diamond Wood Finish--Interior". The product number for gloss is #2000. It is available in pints and quarts. It was formerly marketed under the brand name of Flecto Diamond Varatane. This glaze does not peel and does not turn sticky over time as many other glazes and sprays do! Future Floor Wax (applied with a Q-Tip or brush) is another economical option for a medium shine that also dries quickly and is compatible with polymer clay because it is an acrylic product.The easiest way to varnish a piece is to dip it in a container filled with Future Floor Finish (found on our Molding Tools Page) You can bake the piece after the "varnish" has dried. There are other great varnishes on the market. Use only acrylic or alcohol-based varnish on baked polymer clays. Do not use polyurethane, enamel or oil based varnishes which will never dry properly. Baked polymer clay does not need varnishing unless you want a shiny surface (use gloss varnish) or to protect paints or powders applied to the clay.
Don't forget Easter will be here soon!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day from Mad About Molds!
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January 6, 2016

Happy Birthday to US!!!

Happy Birthday
Mad About Molds!

Here’s a treat just for you...

33% Off
per assortment
Our Birthday Sale!
  • All molds 33% off or more on the following assorted sets.
  • That's only $2 per mold no matter the size.
  • These are all first rate molds - No seconds in the lot.

Since our molds are handmade, sales like this don't happen very often! So now is the time to take advantage of this great offer! All molds are 33% off or more on assorted sets. That's only $2 per mold no matter the size. 

These are all first rate molds - No seconds in the lot.

By ordering now, you can sample molds at a substantial discount! This gives you a chance to have fun with grand kids and grown-ups alike. Experiment with your favorite castings or buy some of our polymer clay, so you have everything you need to get creative with everyone. While supplies last only, and only one set per 
personplease. Thank you!

Choose Assortment:
  • 8 Animals
  • 6 Religious
  • 7 Celestial
  • 11 Fantasy
  • 8 Shapes
  • 4 Hearts
  • 7 Faces
  • 4 Musical
  • 6 Miscellaneous

"What are Clay Push Molds?"

The term Clay Push Molds, refers to pressing softened clay or other casted material into a mold.
Dozens of highly detailed impressions can be made in minutes. Our simple process allows even novice
crafters to create pieces that look like they took hours to make.  We hope this helps you make the most
of your molds and see how fun molding can be!

View our store...

“Think about molds as tools for many variations that expand their use.”

Push molds invite us to look beyond first impressions. They invite us to use our imaginations. If you are pressing clay into molds and just settling for the image that you get, you're missing all the fun! After all, molds are a tool, and tools are meant to aide you, not limit your imagination.


“You supply the Creativity,
we supply the Inspiration!”

Sometimes a picture is worth a wealth of inspiration. Just imagine all the possibilities!

See Gallery...

December 9, 2015

Holiday Extravaganza Mold Sale!

Holiday Extravaganza Sale!

Since our molds are handmade, sales like this don't happen very often! So now is the time to take advantage of this great offer!

All molds 33% off or more on the following assorted sets. That's only $2 per mold no matter the size. These are all first rate molds - No seconds in the lot.
By ordering now, you can sample molds at a substantial discount! This gives you a chance to have fun during the holidays with grandkids and grown-ups alike. Experiment with your favorite castings or buy some of our polymer clay, so you have everything you need to get creative with everyone on your Christmas list.

Click here to see what we have left. While supplies last only, and only one set per person please.
Thank you!


All molds 33% off or more on the following assorted sets.
That's only $2 per mold no matter the size.
These are all first rate molds - No seconds in the lot.

8 Animals
  • Dove in Flight - SKU 191
  • Pretty as a Peacock -SKU 551
  • Playful Pup -SKU 823
  • It's Owl-right -SKU 164
  • Fanciful Butterfly -SKU 298
  • Lobster -SKU 353
  • Koi Fish -SKU 527
  • See no hear no hear no monkeys
6 Religious
  • W.W.J.D. What Would Jesus Do? -SKU 328
  • Gods Praying Hands -SKU 602
  • Egyptian Ankh Cross -SKU 484
  • Maltese Cross -SKU 170
  • God's Love -SKU 246
  • Way of the Cross -SKU 452
7 Celestial
  • Celestial Dream -SKU 454
  • Surreal Moon -SKU 290
  • Celestial Sun -SKU 749
  • Orbit My Sun -SKU 314
  • Sun Symbols -SKU 169
  • Shazam Starburst -SKU 413
  • Marvelous Moon & Star - SKU 686
10 Cameos
  • Adoring Sweethearts -SKU 466
  • Angel Cupid Babies -SKU 500
  • Statue of Liberty & Flag -SKU 553
  • Lady & Deer in Woods -SKU 393
  • Enchanting Rose -SKU 463
  • Beloved Child -SKU 472
  • Girl’s Heart Cameo -SKU 252-253
  • Three Girl Friends / Sisters -SKU 394
  • Entrancing Victorian Rose -SKU 465
  • Cupid of Love -SKU 651
11 Fantasy
  • European Art Nouveau Fairy -SKU 412
  • Dancing Dragon -SKU 532
  • Ancient Dragon -SKU 918
  • Lucky Dragon -SKU 888
  • Trumpet Lily Fairy -SKU 301
  • Lovely Crown -SKU 075
  • Zodiac Signs -SKU 745
  • Castle Palace -SKU 488
  • Unicorn Dreams -SKU 549
  • Masquerade Mask -SKU 572
  • Very Fairy -SKU 688
8 Shapes
  • Symphony -SKU 683
  • Beyond Square -SKU 814-815
  • Lovely Antique Oval -SKU 895
  • Cathedral Dome -SKU 157
  • Innocent Bow -SKU 931
  • Fleur-De-Lis Emblem -SKU 352
  • Fleur-De-Liz Symbol -SKU 979
  • French Fleur-De-Liz -SKU 996
7 Floral
  • Rose Bouquet -SKU 338
  • Bunch of Flowers -SKU 046
  • Water Lily -SKU 368
  • Mushroom -SKU 116
  • Branching Out -SKU 198
  • Tree of Life -SKU 435
  • Leafing aRound -SKU 877
4 Hearts
  • I Heart U -SKU 212
  • Flourishing Heart -SKU 074
  • Hearts Around -SKU 656
  • Key to My Heart -SKU 260
7 Nautical
  • Sail Boat -SKU 428
  • Ships Wheel -SKU 587
  • Compass -SKU 687
  • Anchor with Heart -SKU 162
  • Starfish Wishes -SKU 187
  • Sand Dollar lg. -SKU 232
  • Fan Shell -SKU 315
4 Musical
  • Saxophone -SKU 221
  • Grand Piano -SKU 220
  • Violin -SKU 223
  • Musical Notes -SKU 681
7 Faces
  • Tribal Face in Headdress - SKU 340
  • Surrounded by Nature Lady -SKU 613
  • Ancient Prehistoric Head -SKU 827
  • Egyptian Pharaoh -SKU 279
  • Multi-Cultural Heritage -SKU 270
  • Daisy Maiden -SKU 900
  • Ancient Kokopelli -SKU 478
6 Misc.
  • Have Peace -SKU 082
  • Skully -SKU 828
  • Pretty Fan -SKU 376
  • Skull & BonesSKU 698
  • Celtic Trinity Heart Knot -SKU 822
  • Ying Yang -SKU 054

December 7, 2015

Growth & Evolving! ☀ - December Issue of My Molds! 2015

News that Inspires Imagination! The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds. Issue of My Molds Newsletter.
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News that Inspires Imagination by Mad About Molds!

 Growth & Evolving! 
Another season has passed and Mad About Molds continues to grow and evolve. This November we have a new look on our website to introduce for The new year. Our website is richer, bolder than ever, yet it still has the same layout and information that is familiar to you.. 

As always, we thank you for your time, you’re wonderful comments and your generous support! We enjoy sharing what we do with you and we love to hear what you think!

Visit us at www.MadAboutMolds.com 


 Holiday Molds! 

Of course, not everyone likes what you like, and everyone's tastes are different. This is why we take pride in carrying an assortment of molds that will satisfy just about anyone. As you can see in this sample in our Christmas Category. Sometimes just one option isn't enough, so be sure to go through all our shopping pages if you are looking for just the right mold for your projects.
If you have holiday projects to finish up, or gift ideas to come up with we don't want you to panic, but we thought we would remind you to get your molds out!!! They are perfect for your Christmas crafting! Molds make great ornaments as they are the perfect size for all kinds of creations!!!


 40 Ways To Stay Creative!  

 Website Design! 

Many of our customers have commented on our how nice and easy our website is in function, searching and learning about our molds. For 82 pages this is no small feat. We are proud to tell you that our website design has been created by us for over 20 years. Many businesses will hire someone else to create their website store, but we took it the next step and feel that having complete control over the information we publish to the items in our store works for us. We understand that this isn't for everyone, so we are now offering this service for others. The reason, we are announcing it here is because we know that many of you are business owners who would benefit from an online store as well. If you are interested in our website design services you can visit our other website at Your Designs Online.

Let's build something great together!

 101 Tips on How to Become More Creative!  

1. Take a walk and look for something interesting.
2. Make metaphorical-analogical connections between that something interesting and your problem.
3. Open a dictionary and find a new word. Use it in a sentence.
4. Make a connection between the word and your problem.
5. How is an iceberg like an idea that might help you solve your problem?
6. Create the dumbest idea you can.
7. Ask a child.
8. Create a prayer asking for help with your problem.
9. What does the sky taste like?
10. Create an idea that will get you fired.
11. Read a different newspaper. If you read the Wall Street Journal, read the Washington Post.
12. What else is like the problem? What other ideas does it suggest?
13. What or who can you copy?
14. What is your most bizarre idea?
15. List all the things that bug you.
16. Take a different route to work.
17. Make up and sing a song about the problem while taking a shower.
18. Listen to a different radio station each day.
19. Ask the most creative person you know.
20. Ask the least creative person you know.
21. Make up new words that describe the problem. E.g., “Warm hugs” to describe a  motivation problem and “Painted rain” to describe changing customer perceptions. 
22. Doodle
23. What is the essence of the problem? Can you find parallel examples of the essence in other worlds?
24. Go for a drive with the windows open. Listen and smell as you drive.
25. Combine your ideas?
26. How can a bee help you solve the problem?
27. Write your ideas on index cards. One idea per card.
28. Give yourself an idea quota of 40 ideas.
29. What can you combine?
30. Can you substitute something?
31. Which of two objects, a salt shaker or a bottle of ketchup best represents your problem? Why?
32. What can you add?
33. What one word represents the problem?
34. Draw an abstract symbol that best represents the problem.
35. Think of a two-word book title that best represents the problem. E.g., if the problem concerns receptivity to change a suggested book title could be Involuntary Willingness.
36. Write a table of contents for a book about the problem.
37. Ask the person you like least for ideas.
38. What is the opposite of your idea?
39. Imagine your idea and its opposite existing simultaneously.
40. Daydream.
41. Draw abstract symbols to describe the problem.
42. Think out loud. Verbalize your thinking out loud about the problem.
43. List 20 ideas or thoughts into two columns of 10. Randomly connect ideas from column 1 to column 2. Combine the ideas to see what you get.
44. How would Abraham Lincoln approach the problem?
45. Write the alphabet backwards.
46. How would a college professor perceive it?
47. How would an artist perceive it? A risk-taking entrepreneur? A priest?
48. Imagine you are at a nudist beach in Tahiti. How could talking with nudists help you with the problem?
49. Can you find the ideas you need in the clouds?
50. Eat spaghetti with chopsticks.
51. Make the strange familiar.
52. Make the familiar strange.
53. What if you were the richest person on earth? How will the money help you solve the problem?
54. If you could have three wishes to help you solve the problem, what would they be?
55. Wear purple underwear for inspiration
56. Write a letter to your subconscious mind about the problem.
57. How would George Clooney solve the problem?
58. Forget the problem. Come back to it in three days.
59. Look at the problem from, at least, three different perspectives.
60. Imagine the problem is solved. Work backwards from the solution to where you are now.
61. How would the problem be solved 100 years from now.
62. Think about it before you go to sleep.
63. When you wake write down everything you can remember about your dreams. Next, try to make metaphorical-analogical connections between your dreams and the problem.
64. Imagine you are on national television. Explain your ideas on how to solve the problem.
65. What one object or thing best symbolizes the problem? Keep the object on your desk to constantly remind you about the problem.
66. List all the words that come to mind while thinking about the problem. Are there any themes? Interesting words? Surprises?
67. What if ants could help you solve the problem? What are the parallels between ants and humans that can help?
68. Create a walk that physically represents your problem.
69. Talk to a stranger.
70. Keep a written record of all your ideas. Review them weekly. Can you cross-fertilize your ideas?
71. How would an Olympic gold medal winner approach the problem?
72. Read a poem and relate it to the problem. What new thoughts does the poem inspire?
73. What associations can you make between your problem and an oil spill?
74. If your problem were a garden, what would be the weeds.
75. Change your daily routines. If you drink coffee, change to tea.
76. List your assumptions and then reverse them. Can you make the reversals into new ideas?
77. Make something that symbolizes the problem and bury it.
78. Draw the problem with your eyes closed.
79. Create a dance that represents your problem.
80. Mind map your problem.
81. Become a dreamer and create fantasies that will solve the problem.
82. Become a realist and imaginer your fantasies into workable ideas.
83. Complete “How can I _____?” Then change the words five different ways.
84. Suspend logic and think freely and fluidly.
85. Learn to tolerate ambiguity.
86. What have you learned from your failures? What have you discovered that you didn’t set out to discover?
87. Make connections between subjects in different domains. Banking + cars = drive in banking.
88. Immerse yourself in the problem. Imagine you are the problem. What would you feel?
89. What are the parallels between your problem and the Viet Nam war.
90. Hang out with people from diverse backgrounds.
91. Create a funny story out of the problem.
92. Make analogies between your problem and nature.
93. Imagine you are the opposite sex. Now how do you perceive the problem?
94. Force yourself to smile all day.
95. Use mashed potatoes to make a sculpture of the problem.
96. Sit outside and count the stars.
97. Walk through a grocery store and metaphorically connect what you see with the problem.
98. How would you explain the problem to a six year old child?
99. Cut out interesting magazine and newspaper pictures. Then arrange and paste them on a board making a collage that represents the problem.
100. Write a six word book that describes your progress on the problem. E.,g, "At present all thoughts are gray," “I am still not seeing everything.”

One thing that stands out about us, is that we are Mad About Molds! We take pride on offering over 1,000 molds, so there's something for everyone. We appreciate you and we aim to treat you well, because you are important to us. If you ever have a question, feel free to ask and we would be happy to help you out!

Most online stores are open 24/7, but do they answer their emails with-in 24 hours or sooner? We will do everything we can to reply to questions by email as soon as we possibly can. Even on weekends, holidays and when we are closed for vacation. We are also available through Facebook messaging as well. 


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