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Let's Get Creative! April Issue of My Molds Newsletter 2014

News that Inspires Imagination! The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds. Mar. 2014 Issue of My Molds Newsletter.
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The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds

 Let's Get Creative!!! 

Do you know what time it is? It's time to get creative! To start getting the creative juices flowing be sure to check out our “Gallery Page” to see our endless amount of ideas that we have for you. It will inspire you to try new projects and get started.

 Power Shopping! 
We have a little trick for you to use if you want to shop as fast as possible. You can use this link to go to our page without anything extra, so it loads lightning fast. It just shows our product line and nothing else, but because it's so basic there's no waiting for pages to load between categories. Just try it out and you'll see what we mean.

Take Note: The shopping cart on is not shared with the shopping cart onthis link. So be aware that you should use one or the other, but not both sites shopping carts.

 There's an App for That! 

Today’s world is all about technology. Tablets and smartphones are everywhere.  There are apps for just about anything, but what apps are there for artists? Here is a brief list of apps you can find that allow you to express your creativity, practice your skills, understand your materials, or even help organize and select colors for mixing. They range from educational to just plain fun!

Mad About Molds Mobile App for Android - We are very excited to offer our NEW Mobile App for Android! Now you can check your orders on the go, by signing into your Mad About Molds account right from the app. Browse our store from your favorite cozy chair or read through our past newsletters to get loads of inspiration. This beautiful app allows you to take us with you, so you can share us with all your friends at your favorite craft clubs, classes or with your local guild. It even has an option to share the app in the menu, or share us with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We are sorry, but this app is not available for Apple at this time, since they do not allow downloads from other sources. This App includes a coupon deal for a discount on your next order! And best of all, it's totally FREE!

Montana Colors App – This app includes color charts, color matching technologies, news and galleries of pieces! Upload your pieces into your Black Book, tag them with location, and share! Available on iTunes and the android market.

Copic Colors – This app will help you organize your Copic markers so you know exactly which ones you need to complete your collection!

Krink – This app allows you to replicate the effects of Krink markers on your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Draw with various Krink markers on colored backgrounds and even your own photographs! Available on iTunes.

myPantone – This app, available in several different styles for iPhone, iPod, Android, and iPad, allows you to explore the world of Pantone colors. Create and share with others!

Moleskine Journal – If you love writing and sketching in a Moleskine book, how about trying a virtual one? Just like the original, complete with a ribbon bookmark and inner-pocket for storage!

Elmers Glue Guide – Can I glue this to that? Which adhesive is right for the job? This app will help answer those questions. Available on iTunes.

Sharpie – This app gives you access to the Sharpie community. Explore the Sharpie product catalog, share your creations, and comment on what others have created.  Available on iTunes and Android market.

Staedtler Fimo creative tips – This app is full of creative tips with illustrated, step-by-step instructions you can follow and share! Feeling adventurous? Shake your device for a random creative tip for use with Fimo products!

In addition to useful product–related apps, there are dozens of apps that allow artists to unleash their creativity anywhere, anytime!
 We Have Favorites! 
Favorites is an Awesome new feature we have on our website. 
Also known as “Wishlists”, “Favorites” allows customers to create a list of products you want to save for purchase during their next visit, so you can plan your project ahead of time.
The concept of Favorites is simple, yet powerful. Just click the heart icon near the product image, and the item you mark will be saved in your Favorites list. It's easy and fun!
Just click this cute little heart to start your list!
All favorite items are saved in a list and can be viewed at any time by clicking the “Favorites” link in your profile menu. The Favorites list is attached to your account in our store so you can access it from any devices: mobile, tablet or desktop. You can even mark some items while browsing on their mobiles and complete the purchase from the desktop at home.
The Favorites list is available for unregistered customers too. All items you mark are stored in a browser, so you can still view your Favorites in your next visits and complete the purchase.

 Time Management For Creative People 
When I first started my artistic journey, I was on fire with professionalism. I was determined not to be that “spacey artist” with no concept of time or discipline.
I was very good at it, too. I had a binder of my galleries, their complete contact info, my shipments to them, their terms, etc. Correspondence was carefully filed in each of their folders. My slides were labeled and up-to-date, and I had duplicates ready on a moment’s notice for any occasion. My Rolodex was full with fellow artists, show management, photographers (I had a photographer and a back-up photographer), suppliers. You name it, I had their name and phone number.
Then something happened.
I can’t remember what set it off, but things…changed. I wasn't frantic about recognition. I didn't care about publicity or awards. I wasn't willing to do ANYTHING to keep my income stream going.
I paid more attention to other things: The change of seasons. Walks with my husband. Phone calls from my daughter. Driver’s Ed with my son.
The concept of time management began to annoy me. Oh, sure, I understood I could get so much more done if I actually MANAGED my time instead of letting it manage me.
But that just didn't seem as urgent anymore. I still care deeply about my art and my art business. I just felt that more was being called for of me.
I wanted to explore that call. And everything is different.
So I attended the seminar. I expected we would be urged to be more ‘professional’ in our dealings.
I was prepared to be bored stiff and MAYBE take away a nice idea or two. My only defense is I was also willing to be proved wrong, which is why I even went in the first place.
Well, they blew my socks off.
The presentation gave me a deeper understanding of my creative process, and how to use that understanding to focus even more on my creative and professional goals.
Some people are monochronic, she said. Time is rigid and linear. There are rules, and expectations. This goes HERE, and that goes THERE.
Creative people are polychronic. Time is fluid, priorities are in constant flux.
To maximize our skills and impact, TIME is not the thing to be managed, but our AWARENESS.
It’s not so much about artists learning to be better business people, or learning how to squish ourselves into a better business model. In fact, the monochronic world is the one that needs to adjust, and flex, and support the polychronic.
Because our creative self–WHAT WE ARE–is what’s of value to the world
And the world needs us now. Badly.
There was more, so much more. A lot of it is science-based, on what we now know about creative people, and how creative thinking works. It’s also full of hope, and wonder, and connection, and everything human. It will take time for me to process exactly what this means for me in the days–years!–ahead.
It’s simply powerful stuff.
Our entire audience of creative professionals (web designers, commercial photographers, graphic artists, etc.) applauded when she finished.
I don’t want to feel distracted and unfocused anymore. I don’t want to feel guilty about my messy studio. I don’t want to feel anxious about the new work that’s in my head. I don’t want to feel like I love so many aspects of my creative self, yet feel that none of them the full attention they deserve.
I want to feel that, whatever I’m doing, whatever has my attention, and my awareness, is what I should be doing. I want to feel that there is a place for me in the world, and a need for what I have to offer.

"Handmade is Better"
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The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds!
When it comes to service, we break the mold!
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We have NEW Molds! Mar. Issue of My Molds Newsletter 2014

News that Inspires Imagination! The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds. Mar. 2014 Issue of My Molds Newsletter.
The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds

 New Molds!!! 

We did it!!! We finally got a whole bunch of new molds listed this month and we are sure you will love them! Since we have 1,000 molds to choose from we are pretty selective when choosing new molds. We have to make sure they aren't too similar to molds we already have, and for each new mold we post we have to discontinue a less popular mold. This makes it challenging to find new designs, but that's what it takes to keep our mold choices fresh and the best selection available. We hope you are happy with our choices this month.

More new molds!

 Clearance Sale! 
As a valued fan of this page you have first dibs on our clearance items just posted!Click here to go to our sale!

 Featured Molds 
Since Spring is only a few days away, here's a few molds to get you thinking about upcoming projects.


Here’s an Idea For You!
Did you know that you can use Hot Glue in our Molds?
Well, Yes, you can!

Have you heard of “Mod Podge Mod Melts by Plaid?” Well if you haven’t, it’s a relatively new craft product on the market in which you can use in your hot glue gun to fill molds with.

Do you want to hear a Secret? They are almost identical to using hot glue gun sticks! We didn’t think it would be fair to not tell you that hot glue works just as good! If not better!

So why is this Big News? Because Hot Glue is cheaper, and our molds work as well as the Mod Melt Brand, plus we have a LOT more to choose from! We have 1,000 molds to choose from. Don’t make what everyone else is making, create something that’s unique.

Let’s get started!

First things first: 
  • Both our flexible and hard molds work with Mod Melts or Hot Glue.
  • Both Mod Melts or Hot Glue can be used with these instructions.
Gather supplies:
  • Get your molds out!
    1. Cooking spray oil
    2. Hot glue gun* (plug it in)
    3. Mod Melts or...
    4. High temp glue sticks (colored or clear)
    *Make sure you use a hot glue gun, because you will need the extra cooling time to fill your molds. If you use glue sticks instead of Mod Melts there’s no need to clean out your gun to use it with a new product.

    1. Spray your molds with cooking spray. 
    2. Heat your glue gun is as hot as it gets.
    3. Squeeze into your molds filling each mold cavity. Be careful to try to get the glue into all of the crevices, and try not to overfill the molds. The excess Mod Melt around the shapes can be trimmed with a craft knife or sharp pointed scissors, and can be avoided by filling the mold a little less generously.
    4. Let dry for 5 to10 minutes and then pop them out with the tip of a knife or your fingernail. 
    Remove all traces of the non-stick spray oil before painting. The finished embellishment can be finished with FolkArt acrylic paints, shimmer mists, alcohol inks, glitter, metallic paints, pearl paint and even embossing powders.  You could even leave them white or clear by not painting them at all.
    Good Tip: By first painting the embellishment a solid color, and then pouncing or dry brushing over the base color with another color helps highlight the details of your finished pieces.

    What adds to the appeal of making your own embellishments is being able to insert a string, pin-backs, bobby pin, or other feature into the embellishment before it hardens so that it dries around the feature to become a solid piece. You could add jump rings or a bezel into the back of the castings to make quick jewelry as well.

    Our take on Hot Glue vs Mod Melts

    Here’s our experience using Mod Melts products to make resin-style embellishments and how to make your very own knock-off versions using hot glue instead for a fraction of the price!So what are Mod Melts? They are made by Plaid (the makers of Mod Podge) Mod Melts are meltable sticks to use in your hot glue gun and melt into small sized molds.  These make resin-style embellishments for to use in various crafts, scrapbooking, jewelry, hair accessories, etc. 

    I was really intrigued by them - especially because you could paint them using a variety of finishes to make them custom colored, metallic, glittery, etc.  No more buying big assortments of resin shapes just to get a few in a certain color or shape.  And just making what you need, when you need it, sounded good.  
    The concept was pretty simple.  Just heat a stick in a high temp glue gun and trigger the melted goo into the molds.  After 10 minutes they're hardened and ready to paint.  I learned you have to work super fast - the stuff sets in seconds, so it's a bit tricky to get into the little crevices in the detailed shapes and to avoid air bubbles.  Opposite to the directions (that said to start in the middle), I started in the nooks and crannies after a few dud results.  They started turning out better, but I noticed I went through a lot of the material pretty quick.  16 mini sticks cost about $6.99.  4 sticks made about 2 dozen pieces, but not all turned out usable.
    The big surprise for me was that they weren't super hard like resin shapes, more rubbery, like dried hot glue. And that got me thinking... why not try that?  So I did.  And guess what?  It worked just as well, if not better.  I just used my high temperature sticks & glue gun.  The glue took a little longer to start to set, so it was easier to fill in the shapes and knock out any air bubbles.  It also didn't take a full 10 minutes before it could be popped out - I did in about 5 minutes, so I could get to painting right away.And they painted up great - I actually noticed the paint coverage seemed better on the hot glue shapes.
    I also noticed painting with many coats and using textures like glitter helped hide imperfections on both the Melts & glue varieties.
    The point of being able to make your own custom embellishments seems kind of negated when everyone is using the same 4 molds, so using our molds seems like a no-brainer. The results were just as good with the glue. Just be sure to use cooking oil before filling hard molds with glue. Price-wise, the regular glue sticks work out to be about 1/4 of the cost or less, so I can go crazy making embellishments and still keep it cheap.  I thought this little discovery was worth sharing, so you can save too!
    The finished Mod Melts could be added to favors, napkin rings, cards, thank-you notes, and party decor, giving a very professional and cohesive look on a budget.

    "Handmade is Better"

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    Fun Links:


    Contact Us!

     Comments Welcomed!
     How are we doing?
     Let us know what you are thinking!

    The Preferred Place for Clay Push Molds!
    When it comes to service, we break the mold!
    Thank You!
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